Friday, 21 October 2016

Fox colouring.

Just finished colouring this out of my animal kingdom coloring book adventure and the colouring pencils i used was staedtler i know they not spectrum noirs or anything but these pencils were quite good for the job.

Dancing people.

This i made on 28th April 2013, to do this i embossed the top of the card with the sizzix machine, i used Adirondack inks used Nan's clarity stamps for the dancers and the little boats, added flowers to the bottom for the color of the background on the embossed part and the sky i used cotton wool and Adirondack ink with a sun mask.

Skyline Birthday Card.

I made this on the same day as the ATC card to do this i also used the clarity stamps and a clarity skyline mask to get the background effect i tore some paper to make the clouds and i also used Nanny's sun mask and her Adirondack inks.

ATC Card.

This is an ATC Card i made at Nanny's (Pauline Steward) i made this 3 years ago it was on my old blog but i now have this one and i am going to stick with it. To do this i used my Nan's clarity stamps for ATC's and i have used a mask for the ground and the sky and i also used a sun mask.